Meet the Haberdash Barbers

With locations on State Street and in the Roosevelt Collection, the Haberdash Barbers are a very important part of what makes up the Haberdash Experience. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick clean-up, a close shave, or a much needed haircut, having a highly trained barber to take care of you is important. We took [...]

Legendary Menswear Icons: Frank Sinatra

The world suffered an immense loss when Frank Sinatra passed in May 1998, but the swinging singer’s style left an undying imprint on the foundation of menswear forever. And although his signature look seemed effortless while he crooned for a swooning audience, Sinatra’s style was and still is nearly untouchable. His timeless allure may stem [...]

Carefree, Arizona

For the past three years, I’ve managed to escape my fast-paced city life and flee for a week to the mountainous outskirts just outside Phoenix, Arizona, in a quiet town called Carefree. It’s a suitable name for such a blithe community—a far cry from Chicago’s urban jungle. In the city, we’re endlessly flooded with obligations [...]