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Take a Tour with Architect Josh Hutchison

  • November 17, 2011 |
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With our Haberdash EDC launch right around the corner, we decided now was a good time to dig a little deeper into the space itself. Who better to do that with than Josh Hutchison, the architect with Friedman Properties who redesigned the space with us (and a Haberdash customer himself). “I think that when people walk in the store they’ll see that it’s a very unique space,” said Josh, “It’s been designed specifically for men, down to not just the merchandise but the aesthetic itself. It’s everything a guy in a city needs.”

Q: How is the space laid out?

“The space is actually relatively small. Our approach was to create a range of retail experiences within a fairly confined space. So we effectively broke the space up into three zones with the rear zone being kind of a destination. Everything was accomplished with materials: there’s a great range, from pretty rough materials [reclaimed barn wood, see zone 2] to the glossy white apothecary [see zone 3]. That transition is pretty powerful.”

“There’s some pegboard as you walk in, and then you have this very classic, well-detailed walnut shelving, which they have in the Haberdash space. That really ties it all together with the Haberdash brand. We used a little suede on the back panel of the shelving to give it a little more texture—it’s very subtle, it’s a backdrop. I think overall the craftsmanship is going to be much higher than people would expect. We work with two really great millworkers [for the reclaimed wood, zone 2]: Aaron Pahmier and Andy Chrobak. Both of them take great pride in their work and are artists in their own right.”

A rendering of the new Haberdash EDC store, courtesy of Friedman Properties

Q: What makes the apothecary section so distinct from the rest of the space?

“We treated the apothecary space very differently, material-wise. It’s very minimalist, clean-feeling space. The space lends itself really well to that, because there’s this huge glass skylight looking out onto the Tree Studios courtyard, which is probably one of the best urban spaces around. There’s a very different feel in the back of the store, it just opens up.”

“We pulled some inspiration from an old school surgical suite. Barbers were doctors for hundreds of years, so it makes sense. We went through a lot of pictures to find this green, surgical-type tile, which was definitely hard to find. They don’t really make that, so we ended up having to have it manufactured specifically for our order.”

Top: 1950 Surgical Suite, courtesy of Historical Museum of Southern Florida
Bottom: Vintage barber, Photo Credit

Q: What’s the story with “the bridge” in the store?

“It was an old storage loft that’s never been taken out, and different tenants have used it differently. [For EDC], we wanted to integrate it really well into the space, let it become a character.”

Bird’s eye view of the new Haberdash EDC store, courtesy of Friedman Properties

Q: Have there been any last minute changes?

“The focal part of the store is the cash and wrap, which was the last piece finished. They had a very specific idea of what they wanted. I went and visited the guy who’s building it [last week] and he’s got the entire frame welded, and it’s beautiful. It’s very light and refined, yet rugged. The steel is pretty raw state, but we made an effort to keep the structural frame as thin as we could. We’ve made some last minute changes to some of the graphics inside that ended up being really, really good moves. Ultimately it’s a stronger statement.”

Q: What was your experience like working with the Haberdash guys?

“They’ve made this whole process really easy—they have a very clear aesthetic that they appreciate, and that just makes it so much easier for me. They knew what they wanted to do, and just needed someone to flesh out ideas… It was a treat for me: it’s a men’s store, and guys, we just don’t have very much of that. It’s great to see a couple of guys create this very specific aesthetic and be so assertive about it.”

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