Meet Grace Marsh

A Q&A with Haberdash's Director of Brand Communication

In our latest Meet the Team blog post, we’re very happy to introduce Grace Marsh, our Director of Brand Communication. Her eye for all things simple/classic, upbringing in retail, and appreciation for tradition make her an integral part of the Haberdash team.

name Grace Marsh

position Merchandising & Marketing Associate

hometown Freeport, IL

how she got here Graduated from Columbia in December in fashion business, dropped off her resume shortly after, and started in January. Before that she was at Bloomingdale’s, Buckle, but her experience in retail goes all the way back to the family business in Freeport. “I was born and raised in retail. I grew up in a small business. My family opened Deininger’s Floral Shop, a greenhouse and flower shop, in 1922, and it’s still in existence. I started working there at 13, and would do a lot of the visuals—which how I figured out what I wanted to do.”

why she loves chicago “The summer! Chicago summer in all of what it encompasses—the community, the architecture, everything—that’s why I stay through the awful winter. If I could just post up on the island all day, I would. (My dad’s from Trinidad.)”

best piece of advice for guys? “Stay simple, timeless, classic. I’m a very simplistic person in just about every aspect of my life. There’s just no need for all of what’s going on right now.”

male celebs who are getting it right “Nick Wooster is the bee’s knees for men’s style.” Honorable mentions include Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling.

Nick Wooster

why she loves haberdash “I have a voice; I never thought that I would work for a company where I’d be allowed to be creative and make decisions and have the position that I have. I am totally thankful to be here, I love everyone who works here… Jerry is such a great mentor—he’s been through everything—and I admire Adam for doing what he wanted to do.”

her appreciation for heritage “My dad’s always been an antique collector, been going to fleas and auctions for as long as I can remember. So I’ve always had a strong appreciation for bringing the old to the new, an appreciation for vintage and heritage.”

favorite item in the store “The entire Pendleton Portland Collection.”

The Portland Collection by Pendleton

eat + drink Feast, Mercadito, Studio Paris, Pops for Champagne & Watershed, Grahamwich

listen “Just about everything, currently made a Counting Crows Pandora station, and I’ve found that it understands me. Best relationship I have right now is with my Pandora.”

Grace’s Ideal Outfit
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the best outfit  “This season is all about layers. Layers layers layers. On top, a seasonal plaid woven underneath a solid sweater under an amazing piece of outerwear. Finished off with a dark pair of rolled selvedge denim worn with white-soled leather boots.”the worst outfit  “Shiny, square-toed shoes; boot cut jeans with thick stitching; bedazzled t-shirt underneath a bedazzled woven; and plenty of cologne.”

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