Baxter of California Deodorant

Get Ready for Summer with Baxter's Latest Product

You might recall our last post about Baxter of California, an interview with Sales Director Michael Donovan. Michael had hinted at a new product coming out shortly, much anticipated and something brand new for Baxter. “[It's] something major that we’ve been working on for about two years,” said Michael. “It’s a component of our brand that customers have been asking for for many years and we’re finally satisfied with what we’ve put together, and it’s a very meaningful product.”

Yes, you’ve probably seen posts about it on Ape to Gentleman, Hypebeast, and Selectism, to name just a few. Baxter’s new deodorant is free from irritants like aluminum and alcohol, so it’s sure to be easier on the skin and on your clothing. It has a citrus-herbal scent to it, derived from natural ingredients like comfrey root, yarrow and acai extracts, tea tree oil and chamomile.

Next time you’re at Haberdash, perhaps picking up some warm-weather duds for the summer, we’d recommend picking up you’re very own Baxter of California Deodorant—look sharp and smell nice.

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