Our Favorite Apps: Drinking Edition

Smart Phone, Drinking Buddy, & Ride Home

The weekend is upon us, once again, and following up on our favorite apps, we’ve pulled together our favorite apps for turning your smart phone into your drinking buddy. From mixing up something sweet at home to finding the nearest BYO… to getting home safe and sound with the help of Uber. Enjoy your weekend!

Mixologist™ Drink Recipes

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Sure, you have a couple of standard drinks you’ve mastered… But why not expand your repertoire with Mixologist, the ultimate drink recipe and bartending guide. Browse through over 7,900 drink recipes!

BYOB App – Chicago

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Swing by your favorite liquor store, then check out the BYOB App, an easy-to-use map of the over 340 BYOB restaurants right here in Chicago! Browse locations on a map, browse by category, and click through to see Yelp reviews and ratings.


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Perhaps the coolest app on our list, Uber has taken Chicago by storm. This on-demand request app allows you to request a town car, taxi, or SUV and watch on a map as it approaches your location, complete with a hassle-free (no cash) payment system.


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Culled by the pros at GreatBrewers.com, BeerCloud is an amazing tool for any budding or seasoned beer aficionado. Pair beer, track down your favorites, learn more about beer styles, and pull up a full description of nearly any beer in seconds.

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