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Timeless Sportcoat, Natural Shoulder Philosophy

One of our latest arrivals at Haberdash is Southwick, the perfect combination of British styling, Italian ingenuity, and an authentic sense of the American spirit. Thanks to their longstanding heritage for understated elegance and quality workmanship, Southwick remains one of those brands that aficionados can’t get enough of.

The beautiful construction of the natural shoulder in these jackets sets them apart from other sportcoats. Add in the handwoven Harris Tweed, and you have a instant upgrade to your wardrobe. These jackets have endless versatility, not to mention a decidedly polished sensibility. Pair them with your best dark denim to really make the jacket pop. Or, throw on a navy overcoat and have a hint of the plaid show through. Either way, the tweed jacket will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe, for years to come. See more information on Southwick, below.

Southwick Dalton Jacket in Grey Harris Tweed

Southwick Dalton Jacket in Navy

About Southwick. When brothers Nicholas and Vito Grieco immigrated to America in the early 1900s, it seems they had a good idea of what they were going to do with their American dream. Hailing from a remote Italian village, they started off at a suit-pressing business in Brooklyn, followed by a tailor shop in New York, and some time spent making suits in Massachusetts. Finally, in 1929, the two settled in Lawrence, Massachusetts to open Grieco Bros., the business that would one day become Southwick.

The Natural Shoulder. It just so happens that one of the defining characteristics of the brand today happens to be what set them apart back in the 20s: the natural shoulder philosophy. At the time, overly padded shoulders dominated the scene, along with tighter tapering at the waist and deep pleats throughout. Southwick, on the other hand, took a fundamentally British tack and adopted the soft, natural shoulder. The style continued to take off over the years, and remains a timeless standard of menswear.

Harris Tweed. Nothing goes quite so well with a natural shoulder and a finely tailored jacket as some good, old-fashioned Harris Tweed. The fabric was originally created in 1846 at the behest of the Dowager Countess of Dunmore. Today, 100% pure virgin wool is still dyed, spun, woven and entirely finished by hand, for a fabric that is known the world over for its quality, warmth and durability.

Vintage Southwick Advertisements from 1950s via The Ivy League Look

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