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Q&A with Our Creative Director

For our latest Meet the Team post, we’re excited to introduce Alex Maier, our Creative Director. An endless supply of creative energy and a distinctive point of view make him a perfect fit for Haberdash, not to mention his effortless sense of style and the ever-growing success of his personal blog, Read on for the happenstance tale of Alex’s arrival at Haberdash, his simple rules for looking good, and more.

personal style Classic ease. “I am a 65 year old-man trapped in an 18-35-year-old’s body.”

instagram @superdanger

style advice for guys, in no particular order

1. “Don’t buy something if it doesn’t fit. No matter how cheap or how on trend it is. You will never wear it, and it will sit in the back of your closet with all your old comic books.”

2. “Wear what you want to wear, not what your girlfriend/wife wants you to wear. They can certainly make suggestions, but at the end of the day you are the one braving the wilderness, or lack thereof, with only your wardrobe as protection against the madness of society.”

3. “Never comment on someone else’s style unless it is a compliment. Furthermore, never fix another man’s tie, straighten his jacket, or re-fold his pocket square unless solicited.”

4. “Be aware of your loudness meter. When you stuff a tiger camo pocket square into your breast pocket your meter goes up. Argyle socks? It goes up. Waxed denim? Add 20 more points. Your loudness meter is filled every time you add a bright or patterned item to your ensemble. The higher the meter, the more obnoxious your outfit, and the less people will take you seriously. Know when to push the meter, and when to ease off the gas.”

how he ended up at haberdash

“I hope you’re ready for a long story. A heartwarming, but long story. Back when I was young, I moved off to NYC to fulfill my hopes and dreams of becoming a music producer. After working at several bars and drinking at several more, I found that my life in NYC wasn’t going to be a Cinderella story, or to a lesser degree, Aladdin. While I was enduring heartbreak after crushing heartbreak I was also focusing on my personal blog:

As my taste level went from ‘absolute garbage,’ to ‘not terrible’ I started to gain more traction in the social media world. That afforded me the opportunity to cover New York Fashion Week for Tumblr. I was introduced to some of the most talented and creative people in the industry and fueled my passion to create and connect with people through art, whether its fashion, imagery, music, design, etc.

After a year in NYC I moved back to Chicago to work on more music production. One day I received a text from a friend saying Haberdash needed a model for their upcoming e-commerce site. I figured, ‘I take photos of myself for my blog, so I might as well be paid for the act.’ As the shoots progressed my background in e-commerce styling and imagery production came in handy. About a month or so later I was offered the position of Creative Director. A combination of right place, right time, a particular skill-set, and experiences worked in my favor.

But what sealed it was my sense of humor. I am very funny as I’m sure you can already tell.

And I’m pretty sure that my comedic timing was the linchpin to my success. So, my advice on getting into the fashion industry? Have a good selection of jokes.”

Alden Shoe Co. All Weather Walker, $478

favorite brands “My love for Alden shoes, in particular their tassel loafers, is only rivaled by my love for Oreos (‘America’s Favorite Cookie’). And if you know me, that is a bold statement. Additionally, Wensum suiting is slowly creeping into my cold heart. I am becoming sentimental in my old age.”

favorite item in the storeLBM 1911 Chalk Stripe Flannel Suit. It is an updated cut on a very traditional pattern and fabric. Or in my words: I get to look old without feeling old.”

LBM 1911 Chalk Stripe Flannel Suit, $998

readPlanetary by Warren Ellis. A fresh take on western fiction by one of the most talented writers out right now. Weaves together Doc Savage, Hong Kong Pop Fiction, Godzilla, and the Fantastic Four seamlessly all while serving a larger story arc about saving the strange things in the world. Rating: 9 out of 10 Rolex Submariners.”

watchWarrior – one of Tom Hardy’s best performances. Everytime he is on screen it makes you nervous. Nick Nolte is great as the alcoholic father trying to make amends. And then you have the tense sibling rivalry between Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. Even the most cynical man will shed a tear. Rating: 4 out of 5 dub monks.”

listenOdd Blood by Yeasayer. I still come back to this album for inspiration. Beautiful lyrics and very creative melody lines. Pop is dead. Long live Pop. Rating: 3.5 out of 4 indigo-dyed braided leather bracelets.”

via Bar Deville (701 N. Damen Ave., Chicago)

eat + drink “If you are grabbing a martini you will do yourself a favor by going to the Four Seasons Hotel. They pour their coffee hotter than hell, and the service is top notch. For a proper Manhattan, I like going to The Matchbox. One of the smallest bars in Chicago, but they make some of the best Manhattans I’ve ever had. For a great whiskey sour, I really like Bar Deville. Also free pool. Crappy felt and an unbalanced table, but free pool nonetheless.”

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