Haberdash is modern tradition, a blend of cool classic style paired with old-school philosophy. With three Chicago locations, Haberdash offers men a finely curated collection of hard to find brands including Southwick, Simon Miller, S.N.S. Herning, Baldwin Denim, Alden, Gitman Bros. Vintage, and New England Shirt Co. Our clients have come to expect from us only the finest quality men’s clothing, shoes and accessories – and that’s exactly what they get, in the store and online.

Our blog is all about men’s style and substance It is our way of digitally delivering this old school philosophy and classic style to a new generation of well-dressed men. The collaboration of many fine-tuned voices and styles, our blog is just as much a place to find out what you could be wearing as it is a place to find out about your new favorite restaurant/bar/band... and the list goes on.

Jerry Kamhi
Chief Executive Officer | EMAIL

Jerry Kamhi has been co-owner and partner at Haberdash, Inc. since 2009. Credited with the further development of the company’s brand, his strategic edge and vision have helped take Haberdash, Inc. to the next level. Kamhi is an entrepreneur and business executive with unparalleled design insight, keen analytical skills and passion for the menswear industry. His imagination, conviction and resilience generate enormous benefits… Read More

Adam Beltzman
Founder & President | EMAIL

Adam Beltzman opened Haberdash in 2005, offering a finely curated collection of denim, directional sportswear and accessories. The store has continued to evolve and Chicago men have come to rely on Haberdash for hard-to-find brands that offer a unique take on everything from tailored jackets to trousers. Prior to launching the boutique, Beltzman spent three years practicing law; he received his J.D. Degree from Loyola University Chicago... Read More

Phillip Williams
Director of Client Relations | EMAIL

"You have to live your style. You have to live what you’re wearing,” says Phil. "If you’re a guy that just wears jeans and a t-shirt, do it, but do it well – go buy a couple of nice t-shirts and a dark denim that actually fits you." What's Phil's best piece of advice for guys? "You can never buy your entire wardrobe at once. You can always add to it. And if you can’t afford everything at once, get what makes sense."  Read More

Grace Marsh
Director of Brand Communication | EMAIL

In our latest Meet the Team blog post, we’re very happy to introduce Grace Marsh, our Director of Brand Communication. Her eye for all things simple/classic, upbringing in retail, and appreciation for tradition make her an integral part of the Haberdash team. best piece of advice for guys? "Stay simple, timeless, classic. I’m a very simplistic person in just about every aspect of my life."  Read More

A.J. Nordstrom
Sales Professional | EMAIL

Meet A.J. Nordstrom, a sales professional here at Haberdash who describes his personal style as casual librarian: “A lot of cardigans and ties, and I’ve been buying up boots left and right since I started here.” As for style advice, he recommends: “Always get a jacket tailored. It improves the look so much, but it’s a step that can be lost in the shuffle when you’re just buying something off the rack.”  Read More

Brian McDonough
Visual Merchandiser | EMAIL

“Walking into Haberdash, you instantly feel welcomed,” says Brian, “All the guys on the sales floor are really great and can help you with whatever you’re trying to find, whatever you’re body type is.” Brian is a big proponent of easy, classic items; knows the importance of a well-placed signature accessory; and believes that Haberdash’s cache of well-made, diverse brands is what makes all the difference... Read More