Haberdash + Peter Field Fine Tailoring

Rounding out our newly expanded Haberdash experience is fine tailoring by Haberdash + Peter Field, in addition to Haberdash Barbers and La Colombe coffee. Founded in 2010 by Nicholas Peter Monterotti, Chicago’s own Peter Field was built from the ground up with the notion that all clothes should fit perfectly. It’s a simple mission, but one backed with untouchable talent and a careful eye.

After launching a successful Kickstarter in 2013, Peter Field presold more than 17,500 ties, bowties and pocket squares, and soon after moved into their studio on Wells and Van Buren. Now, backed by a gifted team of seamstresses with impressive backgrounds in costume design, Peter Field has grown into an local menswear staple whose impeccable craftsmanship pairs brilliantly with our tailored suiting. It takes a special set of hands to work with our line of quality Italian fabrics, and Peter Field is the ultimate expert. We sat down with Monterotti to discuss rules regarding wrinkles, sleeve and pant lengths and the power of tailoring in menswear. READ MORE

The Valentine’s Day Playlist

This one goes out to all you lovers out there. On the chance that you might be staying in, here’s a little something to give your evening a little heat. Put the kids to bed, put the cat outside and turn on cartoons for the dog… then press play. READ MORE

The Cologne Guide

  • February 12, 2014 |
  • Style

A single smell holds the power to spark a faraway, but distinct memory; the pungent smell of salt water might bring you back to your day trip on a catamaran across the Caribbean; the rustic scent of burning wood and fresh pine might make you recall the last time you escaped from the city, seeking refuge at your cabin; an aroma of freshly cut grass and newly laid asphalt might transport you back to a childhood summer spent at your parents’ home where you grew up. The sense of smell conjures a faint recollection, a powerful emotion and at times, an irrepressible attraction. This Valentine’s Day, make a lasting memory with the proper cologne best suited for your preferred date. And if you’re single on February 14, we’ve selected the perfect scent to make your solo escapade at the bars one worth remembering down the road. READ MORE

Uncharted Territory: The Flower Shop

The flower shop—it’s a place you’ve likely never explored, one that may seem a bit daunting to the average man. But you’re not average at all; you’re a modern gentleman. You’ve already mastered the art of tying a perfect bow tie, keeping your leather monk strap shoes devoid of scratches and knowing the difference between a patch and welt pocket. This should be an easy hurdle to jump—a skill worth growing comfortable with. The proper floral arrangement can set the tone for a first date and even land you a second, liven up your home with an aromatic display of luxury and add an unexpected detail to your favorite suit. So, negate all preconceived notions regarding your local flower shop—we’ve enlisted the help of Wicker Park’s Asrai Garden at 1935 W. North Ave., and broken everything down to make the concept more approachable. READ MORE

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

  • February 5, 2014 |
  • Style

Behold, our top picks for Valentine’s Day, curated by our style experts and ready to be forwarded to your significant other (or, purchased for yourself, if you happen to Valentine-less). Sure, the red and burgundy hues are apropos come February 14th, but the hue will be equally at home year-round in your wardrobe and adds a touch of color to your home without being garish. READ MORE

Winter Boots to Get You Through This

  • February 4, 2014 |
  • Style

As the snow continues to fall incessantly and temperatures drop well below zero, signs of spring seem few and far between. You may have already begun fantasizing about the perfect pair of penny loafers for spring, but it isn’t too late to invest in the proper footwear for any lingering Polar Vortexes on the horizon. READ MORE

The Big Game

Once a year, a big game comes around—the one we can’t talk about, but we’re pretty sure you know the one. And so, it’s here again. We’re celebrating this year with a little game in stores (or by phone, if you’re not in Chicago). For those of you who have played it before, you can skip ahead to the prizes. READ MORE

Chicago Restaurant Week

The 7th Annual Chicago Restaurant Week has officially arrived—this year with an extended 14-day duration to celebrate our rich, local culinary scene. With nearly 300 participating restaurants, it’s guaranteed to make mouths water and appease the hunger of foodies across the city. Lunch menus are priced at $22 and dinner courses are either $33 or $44—a sensible deal considering the eminence of the included establishments. Here are our top three picks for where to bring your appetite these next two weeks. READ MORE

Have a Seat

In a world where fleeting trends seem to take precedent, there are certain examples of timeless design that stand out. Yes, indulging in a new style can be a great way to refresh your wardrobe or liven up a space. But, it’s the iconic staples that will never have an expiration date. That isn’t to say that the designers who first created these looks weren’t pushing boundaries: it takes an acute understanding of the past and uninhibited expectations for the future to conjure brilliance. You can imagine the 3 a.m. mornings spent furiously sketching at their drafting tables, a nearby trashcan brimming with rejected designs. All it takes is one great idea to stand the test of time. READ MORE

New Year, New Workout

It’s safe to say that you’ve probably gotten all the the partying out of your system by now, which means it’s about time to jump on your annual resolution to get in shape. Of course, I wouldn’t be doing my part if I didn’t provide you with a playlist to get you motivated. So, without further delay, I present to you my workout list for the beginning of 2014. READ MORE

The Regimen

  • January 14, 2014 |
  • Style

We could tell you all the reasons why this compact little set is the coolest thing since sliced bread, but why not get it straight from the barber’s mouth. Cofounder Jeff Laub on The Regimen, now available in stores and online. READ MORE

The Collective Quarterly

All it took was a quick glimpse at Collective Quarterly’s first issue, and we were hooked. Scene-stealing photography, bold-yet-understated design, all carefully printed on that heavy, creamy card stock that sets a work like this in a class that we’re probably more comfortable calling “publication” than “magazine.” Over a year in the making, their first issue, Issue Ø: Marfa, was officially announced this week, with pre-orders (and a little pre-shopping) already going down on their website. It just so happens that one of our old friends, Seth Putnam, is one of the founders, so we decided to take a few minutes with Seth to learn more about the magazine and the creative minds behind it. READ MORE

1976 Ford Bronco

Although driving a vintage cherry red Ford Mustang may speak volumes to the American dream, it’s not the iconic car that best exemplifies the humble, hard-working roots of our 50 states. First introduced in 1966, the Ford Bronco doesn’t scream as loud as a flashy sports car, but its soft-spoken, conventional design has since accumulated a cult-like following that revels in its masculine durability. READ MORE

Made in Chicago

  • January 9, 2014 |
  • Style

There’s something remarkably refreshing about purchasing a product without endless layers of corporate involvement behind its assembly. Chicago is a working city, the center for various big, thriving businesses, but dotted throughout the sea of big names are a few local, homegrown brands whose products are conceived and crafted entirely in Chicago. READ MORE

Phil’s End of the Year Music Picks

Well, this year is coming to a close… There has been a lot of good music, but I feel that so many good songs have still gone unheard or at least have not been fully appreciated. So, here are (in no particular order) 10 of my favorites of the year that you may want to add to your playlist. READ MORE