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Gitman Bros. & Gitman Vintage

Established: 1978  |  Country of Origin: USA

At Gitman, craftsmanship and technology—a perfect mix of the old and the new—go into each and every shirt they sew. Fifty steps, more than 80 minutes, and 25 separate pieces go into the creation of each shirt. Whether choosing one of the more than 1,500 fabrics and patterns from among the finest European weavers, or deciding on which body silhouette and collar/cuff combo work best, they are constantly engaging both themselves and their customers with what the market demands and expects.

Gitman Vintage is an American heritage sport-shirt and neckwear line that pays tribute to its past, but with a distinct difference. While continuing to honor the importance of a finely crafted button-down oxford and the indispensable pinpoint, the design team at Gitman dusted off old line books to curate an authentic interpretation of the past by selectively appropriating their favorite fabrics and having them remade. The line also recreates le mode retro details, including original double-track stitching, chalk buttons, locker-loops, box-pleats and is reissued with the original “Gitman Bros. Est 1978″ label.