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Established: 2009  |  Country of Origin: Canada

INVENTORY was created as an extension of the culture and lifestyle we’re a part of. They value products and clothing for more than just their appearance, admiring how they’re made, by whom, and why. It’s through this passion and attention to detail that they view the things in their own lives from a different perspective. With a hunger and willingness to learn, they search for the rare, unknown and new, while always remembering tradition and the past. It is with this blend in mind that they explore various niches in menswear to create their own unique aesthetic. INVENTORY’s focus is on the brands and the people, big or small; that have stories we want to tell and might otherwise go unnoticed. INVENTORY’s unique content draws us out of our immediate surroundings and leads us into a world of exciting and interesting things.

INVENTORY is a place to take stock of the items, brands and people that we connect with and find special. With a genuine appreciation for details and quality, INVENTORY is a curation of ideas in product, craft and culture.