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Established: 1993  |  Country of Origin: USA

Jungmaven hemp t-shirts goes against the status quo, my dream with Jungmaven is to get everyone in a hemp shirt by 2020 in an effort to help slow deforestation, stop global warming and prevent increased climate change. As it turns out, industrial hemp is a healthy plant for you and I.

I started Manastash in 1993 while a at Central Washington University because my favorite Northwest hiking, biking, rock climbing and river rafting routes were all being clear cut, once I learned that growing industrial hemp could help slow deforestation and stop clear-cutting, I was “IN”.

After I sold Manastash in 2005 I was looking for something missing in the marketplace, I remember there not being a good supply of hemp t-shirts in the states, so I went to work to build exactly that. Jungmaven USA Made Hemp T-Shirts was born that year.

Hemp has been my main focus since 1993 and my career. I’m happy to see people in Jungmaven hemp shirts and I think and hope they feel good wearing them.