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Established: 1823  |  Country of Origin: Scotland

Mackintosh creates not only nostalgia but also a new world by adding contemporary essence to British traditional outerwear such as a rubberized coat, a quilted jacket and a trench coat. The outerwear is modern, simple and sophisticated. We never design too much and retain the simplicity and the tradition. This makes Mackintosh a timeless piece that expresses your individual style. The origin of Mackintosh dates back to the invention of the Mackintosh Cloth. At that time, horse-drawn carriages rode back and forth in rainy London. People experienced difficulty protecting themselves from the elements because there were no waterproof garments except those made of oiled cloths.

In 1823, Charles Macintosh, a chemist in Glasgow, invented a formal waterproof fabric, the Mackintosh Cloth. This rubberized cloth is produced by spreading liquid, natural rubber between two fabrics, pressed and heated. The coat made of this innovative fabric brought great attention all of Britain. Immediately it became the coat of choice for horse riding and rain. Later, this functionally led Mackintosh to be adopted as the British Army Coat for WWI and WWII, and also the overcoat uniform for British Rail. Even now people refer to a raincoat as a Mackintosh, and the name of the great Scottish inventor holds a special place in the pages of history. We will never forget that the rubberized coat was one of the most creative and revolutionary innovations that dramatically changed the life of people at the era. Moreover, Mackintosh keeps evolving by exploring contemporary collections.