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Otter Wax

Established: 2011  |  Country of Origin: USA

All Otter Wax™ products are handmade in Portland, Oregon using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. The only animal by-products utilized are beeswax and lanolin. Both products are humanely harvested without harming animals. At Otter Wax, they believe that labeling a product as ‘All-Natural’ should not be used as a marketing tool, but rather as a way of demonstrating our commitment to making products that are pure, honest, (and most importantly) effective. Otter Wax was created as an all-natural alternative to the parafin-based canvas waxes. Otter Wax Heavy Duty Fabric Wax™ is the only all-natural way to waterproof fabrics without using paraffin, silicone, distillates, or other synthetic, artificial, and toxic ingredients. The Otter Wax™ product line has also grown to include an all-natural line of leather care products including Saddle Soap Leather Cleanser, Leather Salve Conditioning Treatment, and Leather Oil Shine Serum.