Carefree, Arizona

For the past three years, I’ve managed to escape my fast-paced city life and flee for a week to the mountainous outskirts just outside Phoenix, Arizona, in a quiet town called Carefree. It’s a suitable name for such a blithe community—a far cry from Chicago’s urban jungle. In the city, we’re endlessly flooded with obligations and routines—early wake up calls to beat the morning traffic, long days cooped up in high-rise offices, and hours spent clicking through an inundation of emails. In Carefree, the obligations are few, the routines entirely nonexistent. READ MORE

Haberdash + La Colombe at The Roosevelt Collection

We value the origin of where our clothing is crafted, the quality of fabrics used and an aesthetic that adheres to classic styles with modern refinement. La Colombe Torrefaction, a world-renowned coffee-roasting company with a growing Chicago presence, abides by those same principles. They carefully consider the location where their beans are sourced, the process by which the beans are roasted and the distinct taste of a cup of coffee with traditionally well-balanced notes and exotic undertones. At our flagship store in the Roosevelt Collection, this marriage of ideals is brought to life with our in-house La Colombe Café. Stop by and shop our new spring styles with a quality cup of coffee—there’s simply no better pairing. We sat down with Chicago Retail Manager Kate Markham to learn more about La Colombe’s rich background. READ MORE

Review: ‘Blank Project’ by Neneh Cherry

Remember the Trip Hop music genre? Chances are if you do, then you remember it had a very definitive sound that morphed into a culture of the early to late 90s. It possessed the gritty drum breaks and samples that were more associated with hip hop, only slowed down to a sort of chill, opium den vibe. It had its go-to heroes who everyone tried to mimic, one of them being Neneh Cherry (pronounced Nee-Nah), who debuted her first album Raw Like Sushi in ’89. At nine years old, it blew my mind—I had heard nothing like it. It was hip hop, it was electronic, jazzy and groovy. The two albums to follow, Homebrew (1992) and Man (1996) were just as good as the first, but then she just disappeared. READ MORE

Who We’re Following on Instagram

In the sea of menswear enthusiasts on Instagram, we’ve narrowed down our picks for the top five accounts whose daily photos show impeccable taste and willingness to take risks with their personal style. These guys are the experts; the accounts to religiously refresh while you eat breakfast, skim through during your lunch break and take notes from before you go to bed. (Don’t forget to follow @haberdashmen while you’re at it!) READ MORE

Review: ‘Dunes’ by Gardens & Villa

If you’re unfamiliar with Gardens & Villa, now would be a good time to become acquainted with them. They came together in 2008, but did not release anything until the debut of their first self-titled LP in 2011. Dunes is the band’s second album on the Secretly Canadian record label; it is rife with the same west coast feel of their first album, despite being recorded away from the coast, in the Midwest. READ MORE

The Valentine’s Day Playlist

This one goes out to all you lovers out there. On the chance that you might be staying in, here’s a little something to give your evening a little heat. Put the kids to bed, put the cat outside and turn on cartoons for the dog… then press play. READ MORE

Chicago Restaurant Week

The 7th Annual Chicago Restaurant Week has officially arrived—this year with an extended 14-day duration to celebrate our rich, local culinary scene. With nearly 300 participating restaurants, it’s guaranteed to make mouths water and appease the hunger of foodies across the city. Lunch menus are priced at $22 and dinner courses are either $33 or $44—a sensible deal considering the eminence of the included establishments. Here are our top three picks for where to bring your appetite these next two weeks. READ MORE

New Year, New Workout

It’s safe to say that you’ve probably gotten all the the partying out of your system by now, which means it’s about time to jump on your annual resolution to get in shape. Of course, I wouldn’t be doing my part if I didn’t provide you with a playlist to get you motivated. So, without further delay, I present to you my workout list for the beginning of 2014. READ MORE

The Collective Quarterly

All it took was a quick glimpse at Collective Quarterly’s first issue, and we were hooked. Scene-stealing photography, bold-yet-understated design, all carefully printed on that heavy, creamy card stock that sets a work like this in a class that we’re probably more comfortable calling “publication” than “magazine.” Over a year in the making, their first issue, Issue Ø: Marfa, was officially announced this week, with pre-orders (and a little pre-shopping) already going down on their website. It just so happens that one of our old friends, Seth Putnam, is one of the founders, so we decided to take a few minutes with Seth to learn more about the magazine and the creative minds behind it. READ MORE

1976 Ford Bronco

Although driving a vintage cherry red Ford Mustang may speak volumes to the American dream, it’s not the iconic car that best exemplifies the humble, hard-working roots of our 50 states. First introduced in 1966, the Ford Bronco doesn’t scream as loud as a flashy sports car, but its soft-spoken, conventional design has since accumulated a cult-like following that revels in its masculine durability. READ MORE