Meet the Haberdash Barbers

With locations on State Street and in the Roosevelt Collection, the Haberdash Barbers are a very important part of what makes up the Haberdash Experience. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick clean-up, a close shave, or a much needed haircut, having a highly trained barber to take care of you is important. We took some time between appointments to chat with our barbers about how they got into the business, what they love about barber culture, and what makes their technique stand out above the rest. Take a look, then give us a call.

For an appointment with one of our Haberdash Barbers, give us a call at (312) 357-5134 for an appointment at the Roosevelt Collection or (312) 646-7870 for an appointment at our location at State and Ohio. Walk-ins welcome, not guaranteed. READ MORE

As Seen on Filson: Tricks of the Trade

Max Wastler is a writer living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Through his blog, All Plaidout, he strives to tell a uniquely American story through the people he meets, the places he goes. Today, he details the perfect way to pack your Filson. For business or pleasure, make sure to start your travels with these time-tested tips.

When I set to packing my bags for a week of travel, I flash back to a particular family road trip when I was six years old. As my father loaded up the family Jeep, I’d budge the luggage with what strength my little arms could muster, eventually giving up to watch my dad’s wizardly mechanics. He’d eye the pile in our driveway, calculating how to fit every suitcase, every knapsack, and the cooler, all the while reminding me, “Everything has a place.” It is a mantra for him, and it’s become one for me. READ MORE

The Modern Man’s Guide to Grooming

  • July 27, 2013 |
  • EDC

If you’re a man of substance today, it’s not enough to be well-dressed. Yes, your socks match and your hair is combed, you’ve kept your oxfords in tip-top shape and your shirt is pressed to perfection. But, trust us when we tell you, a little good grooming goes a long way. READ MORE

Hand-Poured Personality

Faced with aisles and aisles of heavy, uninspired home fragrance, Jason Linscott decided to create something different. Something that more closely resembles life—the way a specific combination of scents can bring up a tangible and concrete moment in time or an old friend. And so, 2550º was born. “I had always kind of been sidelined by scent,” says Jason, who’d worked for years in the design and visual merchandising field, “And I saw that there was a limit in the field as far as what was available for men. If I wanted my home to smell like vanilla or fresh laundry, I could go out and get that easily. But I felt there was a void when it came to well-rounded, masculine scents out there.” READ MORE

Interview with David Moltz of D.S. & Durga

To create their line of small-batch colognes, D.S. & Durga go far beyond epithets like musk, green, and citrus. They use those terms as a sort of user’s guide, but behind each scent is much more: a textured, well-researched narrative that distills a moment in time, down to the exact location, the circumstances, the culture, the weather. Inspiration can come in the form of pre-Columbian healing rituals, circa 1200 CE, or the scent of a renegade trapper in the early 1800s. READ MORE

Get Ready

  • February 15, 2013 |
  • EDC

The delicate art of the morning routine: spend too long and you’ll be late for your breakfast meeting, spend no time and you’ll end up looking haggard at said meeting. Our Master Barber, Charles Lenox, walks you through the essential steps for facing the day.

Wash Your Mug

In the interest of saving time, you may want to consider adding the face wash to your shower regimen. Charles recommends Baxter of California Daily Face Wash – it helps remove oil and dirt without giving your face that tight, plastic-wrapped feeling. Two times a week, throw in some of the Facial Scrub. READ MORE

The Home Fragrance Guide

  • December 11, 2012 |
  • EDC

Whether you’re hosting your annual holiday get-together, putting up some relatives, or spending a cozy evening inside with your squeeze, a little home fragrance may be in order. From warm and woodsy scents to smooth and smoky, we’ve got a little something for everyone. Even better, each one makes for a quick and easy gift that just about anyone can use. READ MORE

Cold Weather Apothecary

If there’s any time of year when a little skincare TLC is advisable, it’s winter. Snow, sleet, and freezing wind can be hell on your skin, not to mention the necessary evil known as central heating. So, we’ve pulled together our favorite apothecary products for nourishing and protecting your skin this winter, because there’s nothing attractive about cracked knuckles, chapped lips, or a face that looks like it just came from an arctic expedition.


Chicago Candle Co.

  • November 19, 2012 |
  • EDC

We’re very excited to announce the arrival of one of our newest items, made right here in Chicago. Sara McMurray, one of the co-founders of Chicago Candle Co., started making candles as a hobby over the last couple of years, giving them away as gifts for friends and family. “At the time I was actually running a restaurant, but people would always ask why I didn’t sell the candles for a living,” says Sara, “We just started talking about how fun it would be to have them at the bar, and to put them in wine bottles.” And so, earlier this year, Sara and Fernando (her partner) learned how to cut and sand bottles to use as containers for her candles. READ MORE

Man of the World Magazine

An interview with the founder of Man of the World magazine, now in stock at Haberdash.

why did you start Man of the World?

In today’s marketplace, you rarely find content that caters specifically to men who value style, travel, food, art, and culture. Man of the World is tightly focused on that group; it doesn’t try to be all things to all people. It’s for a sophisticated male niche audience, and it’s somewhere they can go for consistent, compelling, informative content. While it has global appeal, it’s edited from an American point of view. READ MORE