Legendary Menswear Icons: Frank Sinatra

  • April 16, 2014 |
  • Style

The world suffered an immense loss when Frank Sinatra passed in May 1998, but the swinging singer’s style left an undying imprint on the foundation of menswear forever. And although his signature look seemed effortless while he crooned for a swooning audience, Sinatra’s style was and still is nearly untouchable. His timeless allure may stem from the black and white photo documentation of his early career, but it’s also rooted in the confident ease of his tailor-made suit and tie uniform. It’s a look and aura that few modern men can pull off; we’ve seen a slight renaissance in recent pop culture with the likes of Justin Timberlake, but even on him the classic revisit almost felt like a costume. For Sinatra, however, his look always came across unforced, as if he even slept with a perfectly tied bow tie and endlessly coiffed hair. READ MORE

Substance of Style: Yuketen

Designed for the man with an innate love of adventure, Yuketen has been creating unrivaled footwear for nearly three decades. Since 1985, designer Yuki Matsuda made it her mission to scour the nation seeking out beautiful examples of American heritage and tradition. Whether inspiration manifests itself in the rolling Appalachians or the high Sierras, Matsuda has found a way to let it seep naturally into the distinct look of her footwear. As effortlessly casual as they are beautifully refined, a pair of Yuketen shoes is an exemplary display of quality, American-made craftsmanship. READ MORE

Haberdash’s Jet-Setting Essentials

Whether you’re journeying to Austin, Texas for SXSW or escaping the U.S. altogether for a tropical spring break, March is a time for blithe travel. You’ve booked your hotel room, your airplane tickets are a go, and your itinerary is stacked from morning ’til night; you’re dreaming of the warm sun, anticipating that 4 a.m. wake-up call to catch a cab to O’Hare, and already craving the cappuccino you’ll sip while waiting to board your flight—but have you thought about what you plan on bringing and how you intend to pack it all away? We’ve compiled a list of travel essentials to bring, allowing you to jet set like a pro. READ MORE

Who We’re Following on Instagram

In the sea of menswear enthusiasts on Instagram, we’ve narrowed down our picks for the top five accounts whose daily photos show impeccable taste and willingness to take risks with their personal style. These guys are the experts; the accounts to religiously refresh while you eat breakfast, skim through during your lunch break and take notes from before you go to bed. (Don’t forget to follow @haberdashmen while you’re at it!) READ MORE

Substance of Style: Camouflage

  • March 1, 2014 |
  • Style

A print once was worn to blend in on the battlefield now ensures that you’ll stand out on the street. Camouflage, which has its roots in the military, has now fully transcended into a staple for the modern man’s wardrobe. Although it’s a bit of a daring look, we’ve broken down its history and provided a few tips on how to style your camouflage in hopes to pick up a few more recruits. We promise that this trend can work for you, too. READ MORE

Seven Questions: Topo Designs

2013 was a hell of a year for Topo Designs. In the last twelve months, cofounders Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen have more than doubled their label’s product line-up with the addition of a wide range of men’s apparel and accessories. They’ve also participated in a handful of high-profile collaborations, launched a second label, OYO Mountain, and opened their first brick and mortar storefront. Though still primarily known for tough yet affordable, retro-inspired portage, Topo is officially becoming a full-fledged outdoor company, and a great one at that. READ MORE

A Story of Stubbornness

When others took their manufacturing operations overseas, we bid them farewell and went back to work here in Seattle, the city where we’ve made our goods for more than 100 years, and where we’ve opened a second factory.

A short distance apart, our two facilities allow us to keep an ever-watchful eye on quality, and give us the capacity to manufacture even more of our products in the United States.

Watch on Vimeo.

Introducing Save Khaki

  • February 21, 2014 |
  • Style

This spring, your wardrobe should maintain a certain level of ease, leaving you free to fully let loose when the snow finally melts. Whether you’re dusting off your bike to ride along the Lakefront Trail or walking your dog through Grant Park, quality basics are an effortless way to look the part without thinking too hard. Let go of your fussy winter essentials, and give a warm welcome to simplicity.

Since first launching in 2006, New York-based clothing label Save Khaki United has worked to create quality basics with an emphasis on smart design and impeccable fit. Their classic sportswear is confident without submitting to fleeting trends. For optimal comfort, SKU’s fabrics are all carefully washed and dyed until they feel distinctively soft and broken-in. With a refined color palette of natural khakis, washed out blues and effortless greys, their everyday essentials are a perfect foundation for building your wardrobe. READ MORE

Haberdash + Peter Field Fine Tailoring

Rounding out our newly expanded Haberdash experience is fine tailoring by Haberdash + Peter Field, in addition to Haberdash Barbers and La Colombe coffee. Founded in 2010 by Nicholas Peter Monterotti, Chicago’s own Peter Field was built from the ground up with the notion that all clothes should fit perfectly. It’s a simple mission, but one backed with untouchable talent and a careful eye.

After launching a successful Kickstarter in 2013, Peter Field presold more than 17,500 ties, bowties and pocket squares, and soon after moved into their studio on Wells and Van Buren. Now, backed by a gifted team of seamstresses with impressive backgrounds in costume design, Peter Field has grown into an local menswear staple whose impeccable craftsmanship pairs brilliantly with our tailored suiting. It takes a special set of hands to work with our line of quality Italian fabrics, and Peter Field is the ultimate expert. We sat down with Monterotti to discuss rules regarding wrinkles, sleeve and pant lengths and the power of tailoring in menswear. READ MORE

The Cologne Guide

  • February 12, 2014 |
  • Style

A single smell holds the power to spark a faraway, but distinct memory; the pungent smell of salt water might bring you back to your day trip on a catamaran across the Caribbean; the rustic scent of burning wood and fresh pine might make you recall the last time you escaped from the city, seeking refuge at your cabin; an aroma of freshly cut grass and newly laid asphalt might transport you back to a childhood summer spent at your parents’ home where you grew up. The sense of smell conjures a faint recollection, a powerful emotion and at times, an irrepressible attraction. This Valentine’s Day, make a lasting memory with the proper cologne best suited for your preferred date. And if you’re single on February 14, we’ve selected the perfect scent to make your solo escapade at the bars one worth remembering down the road. READ MORE