Time Out Chicago

Haberdash EDC opening | Party report + photo gallery

December 5, 2011  By John Dugan

Who would have ever have dreamt that buffalo plaid and leather work boots would be all the rage in 2011? The farm-raised midwestern look is chic these days, chic enough, in fact that men’s boutiques serving a quality, detail and history-obsessed clientele are multiplying despite our still dozing American economy. Case in point: Haberdash EDC, the shoes and accessories outpost of the Haberdash empire on State Street—there’s an apparel-stocking spot just a couple doors down, has just opened to serve our needs for 1000 mile boots and the like. Last week, Haberdash EDC opened doors for an opening party for bloggers, media types, fashion industry folk and anyone subscribing to its newsletter, complete with small batch rye samples, regional brews, sandwiches and sides from Lille’s Q and even straight razor shaves for the brave and beautiful. There was plaid, there were bowties, there were long expertly maintained moustaches—sometimes all three. You could have mistaken it for an episode of Hell on Wheels or a Senator Paul Simon appreciation society meeting if you blurred your eyes a bit. That said, in the past decade Chicago has become more accomodating for gentlemen who care about what they wear, and for those fellows, EDC is a welcome addition.

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