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LBM 1911 Spring 2012 Soft Jackets

February 23, 2012  By Nick Grant

I have the distinct pleasure of owning a LBM 1911 Moleskin jacket, a jacket that has already gotten some extreme wear over the past few months and deservedly so. Going through Haberdash Men’s Shop in Chicago was also a distinct pleasure, with the ease of order and grand customer service. It also didn’t hurt that the piece was on sale. Now they have released their Spring 2012 Soft Jacket in a plethora of colors to help you release the sartorial Kraken you’ve held beneath the surface since mid-August 2011.

Available in red, emerald, tan, navy, beige, and French blue (my personal favorite at the moment,) the sensational fit from the fall Moleskin unstructured blazer trickles over into a more lightweight cotton version for every day use. While the colors will catch your immediate attention, the tailored fit and details are what will really keep you happy. The brand is known for their patch pocket design and two button closure alongside the fact that they are all made in Italy as they dressed-down alternative to their Lubiam kin. If you have a chance to visit Haberdash, I recommend you do so because they will be extremely welcoming and you will definitely want to get your hands on this piece for the upcoming onset of warm(er) weather. You can also check out the new double-breasted blazer they just received. I got a lot of pennies to save up!

LBM 1911 Spring ’12 Soft Jackets

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