Meet 10 Of Chicago’s Coolest Dads

June 14, 2012  By Shani Silver

Father’s Day is long past, but the cool factor on these studly dads has only gone up, up, up. Check out their stories for a little Sunday pick-me-up. This story was originally published on June 14.

With Father’s Day hot on the horizon, we wanted to take a minute and show a little love to a few rad dads around Chicago. The holiday isn’t just about letting Pop sleep in or hunting down a cute tie he doesn’t already own: We want to celebrate the hard work and joy that comes with being a parent. So, we asked 10 of Chicago’s coolest dudes why they love their #1 job (Daddy), and, while we were at it, we made sure to get their advice for dads-to-be, too. Click through and check out some of Chicago’s most adorable family photos, then call up your dad and tell him why you think he’s tops.

Adam Beltzman, owner of Haberdash

What do you love most about being a dad?
“I could go on and on about all the little things I love about my relationship with my kids. But on a macro level it boils down to this: I love that I have the opportunity to mold three very different little boys into men. This goes beyond the obvious things such as teaching them about the world, life lessons, right vs. wrong, the importance of hard work, strong moral character, etc. Being a father is a huge privilege and these tasks come with the territory. I love experiencing the world with them and introducing them to things I enjoy or discovering new things together. I’m excited about the experiences I will share with them, either individually or together, during their childhood that will form the basis for the men they will be when they grow up. My father was an excellent role model and I have fond memories of my childhood and the things I did with my dad and my brother. It is important that my kids feel the same way about me and their siblings.”

What is one thing about your life that has changed the most since becoming a dad?
“I have been a dad for almost 10 years so it seems like my life before kids was eons ago. However, I would say the biggest change in life after becoming a father is the most obvious. Namely, you are not in it alone anymore. You have to put them first and every decision you make is impacted by the fact that you have children who are relying on you in all sorts of ways.”

Any advice for dads-to-be?
“They really do grow up fast and each moment with them is precious. Being a good father is all about finding balance. Men often talk about the need to find balance between their jobs and their duties as a father. This is definitely important and something I try really hard to manage. It’s not easy when you work in retail but I think I do a good job to be there for them. But what’s equally important is finding the balance between being a father and finding time for oneself. I find that I am a better dad to my kids when I carve out time to pursue my own interests. I am able to come back refreshed so that when I am with them I can better focus on them and their needs.”

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