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April 1, 2012  By Isaiah Freeman-Schub, Gabrielle Hurwitz, Korey Huyler, LIsa Shames, & Amanda Wilson

From the boardroom to the basketball court to the charity bash—no time for trends? That’s where we come in. In our annual style guide for Chicago’s most dapper men, we highlight the people, places, and products commanding one very haute spotlight.

THE LOOK  It wasn’t a hard decision picking Adam Beltzman to represent the new look of spring for this annual guide to all things hip for men. After all, Beltzman and business partner Jerry Kamhi co-own Chicago’s chicest men’s boutiques, Haberdash and Haberdash EDC, which specialize in putting a modern twist on classic menswear. “The fits are slimmer, maybe a little bit reinterpreted but really classic,” says Beltzman, of the clothes that Haberdash carries. For this photo, the married father of three is sporting some of his favorite spring pieces, including a cotton jacket by LBM 1911, suede bucks by Walkover, and a bow tie and pocket square from Haberdash. He’s a big fan of what he calls the “menswear renaissance.” “I want guys to come into the store and get excited about wearing a tie when they don’t have to wear a tie,” he says. This spring, Beltzman says he wants people to see him and not ask why he’s spruced up. “Dressing up and wearing suits is what men need to be doing!”

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